🤑 Compensation

Intelligems offers generous salary & equity packages for employees! We believe that equity is an especially important component and want our early employees to have the same upside and incentive as we do. Equity is offered as stock options with 4 year vesting schedules (same as us).

⛑️ Health Care

Intelligems offers comprehensive health, dental, and vision options through our PEO, Justworks.

🏖️ Flexible Vacation & PTO

19 vacation days per year, and we track them because we believe that "unlimited" time off means effectively less vacation. And flexible hours - we value balance and believe that our employees should be able to take advantage of the inherently dynamic and flexible nature of being a startup. We don't have a particular expectation for numbers of hours in a week - we just care that the work gets done with a high level of ownership.

We have families and will support flexible leave for new mothers and fathers.

🌎 Flexible work location

We are open to employees working anywhere within U.S. time zones. Our founders are based in NYC and Denver, and if you're in one of those locations, co-working space is available.

We do believe that in-person work is still powerful, and make an effort to bring the team together on a quarterly basis.

🖥️ Laptop and workspace budget

Intelligems will provide a company laptop to all employees. In addition, we want you to be comfortable in your workspace, and provide a $1000 budget to spend on items to make your work-from-home set up as comfortable as possible (eg, monitors; desks; chairs; peripherals)

If you'd prefer to get out of the house and find a coworking space, we'll work with you to make sure that's covered.

🛒 E-commerce Stipend

We want to support our customers - so you'll get $50 each month to spend on products from our customers' online stores!